Veröffentlichungen und Vorträge 2017 (Auszug)

Dorgeloh, E. Decentralized wastewater treatment in Europe
Workshop “Decentralized wastewater treatment in China”
Jiangsu Yixing Institute of Environmental Industry
Beijing (CI), Oct 22, 2019
Dorgeloh, E. Geprüfte freiwillige Herstellererklärung
16. DWA Workshop: Wartung von Kleinkläranlagen
Arnstadt, Oct 09, 2019
Dorgeloh, E. Requisite Qualification in Decentralized Wastewater Management in Germany
5th Working Group Meeting on Certification 2019
Amman (JO), Sep 16, 2019
Chen, W.
Hamann, H.
Beavis, M.
Todt, D.
Dorgeloh, E.
Sewage Treatment Plant with Influent including Recirculation during Performance Testing – a Non-Conformity, so why has it been Certified?
The Maritime Executive, LLC 2019
May 22, 2019
Dorgeloh, E.
Wermter, M.
Novellierung der Abwasserverordnung
fbr-wasserspiegel 4/19, p. 18
fbr Dialog GmbH
Chen, W.
Beavis, M.
Dorgeloh, E.
von Bredow, F.
Sewage Chlorination Without De-chlorination: A Certified Impossibility
The Maritime Executive, LLC 2019
Mar 16, 2019;
Chen, W.
Beavis, M.
Dorgeloh, E.
Hamann, H.
Todt, D.
Karlsson, N.
Mellinger, M.
von Bredow, F.
Sewage Treatment with No-Sludge Production – A False Claim, and a Non-Conformity
The Maritime Executive, LLC 2019
Feb 09, 2019;
Dorgeloh, E. Einbau, Betrieb und Wartung von Kleinkläranlagen
DWA Seminar: Technische Grundstücksentwässerung
Dortmund, 09-10 Mai 2017
Dorgeloh, E. Germany was in Sweden's situation 10-15 years ago
Avloppsrening nu och i Framtiden
Stockholm (S), May 11, 2017
Dorgeloh, E. Decentralized Systems – Growing Markets for the future
Frankfurt, May 23, 2017
Dorgeloh, E. Standard Performance Test for DEWAT in Europe -
Policy, Application and Benefits
AIT - Introductory Workshop
Bangkok (TH), June 01, 2017
Jałowiecki Ł,
Chojniak JM,
Dorgeloh E,
Hegedusova B,
Ejhed H,
Magnér J,
Płaza GA

Using phenotype microarrays in the assessment of the antibiotic susceptibility profile of bacteria isolated from wastewater in on-site treatment facilities.
April 27, 2017
Folia Microbiol (Praha)