Announcement - SOWOS 11

Announcement - 11th International Symposium on Treatment of Wastewater and Waste on Ships, November 30th, 2017 in Hamburg

In 2017 the Development and Assessment Institute in Waste Water Technology at RWTH-Aachen University (PIA) is arranging a symposium on the treatment of waste water and waste on ships in cooperation with the Ship Safety Division (BG for Transport and Traffic) and the German Shipowners' Association (VDR). The seas are the largest ecological system of the earth. And yet, seagoing vessels are typically used in long-distance traffic and are not limited regionally. Thus, all involved parties need to set common goals and copperate internationally in order to protect the seas.
Only in this way can solutions be found. In previous symposiums about sewage, bilge and ballast water and flue gas cleaning, the participants became aware of the need for substantial discussion on all of these topics. Due to this demand, PIA and its partners decided that a 11th Symposium should be arranged.
SOWOS is a conference for all the parties involved (authorities, certifying bodies, constructors, operators, shipowners, ship yards, etc.). SOWOS enables discussions between all participants in an informal meeting. In addition to the symposium, there will also be a trade exhibition.